ZX, ZW series self-priming diesel engine pump

Flow: 3.2 m3/h-600 m3/h


Lift: 12-75m


Caliber: 25-300mm


Power: 0.75-132 kw


Temperate: Room temperature

Product Detail

ZX series self-priming pump produced by our company is a kind of energy-saving product developed and improved on the basis of relative technical data at home and abroad. It belongs to centrifugal pump, featuring compact structure, easy and stable operation, simple maintenance, long service life and stronger self-priming capacity, etc. You don’t have to install a bottom valve to the pipeline. Before it starts up, you only need to make sure there is enough liquid for self-priming. Therefore, this pump not only simplifies the pipeline system, but also saves labor.


Technological Process

pump process