D series horizontal multistage centrifugal diesel engine pump

Flow: 4.9m3/h~280m3/h


Lift: 21.6m~239m


Caliber: 80mm


Power: 1.5-315 KW


Temperate: ≤80℃

Product Detail

This series is single suction multistage sectional type vertical centrifugal pump. It is evaluated by national economic and commerce committee as national level new product. It is also the seventeenth batch of energy-saving product in China, promoted as key product by engineering industry bureau.

This series of pump features high efficiency, low noise, small size, light weight, etc. It also takes little floor space, and is easy to install, check and maintain.

This series of pumps are mainly applicable in occasions like living water supply in high level buildings, water supply for firefighting and mines and enterprises, water supply and drainage in municipal engineering projects, feed water for boilers, water supplement for mechanical engineering process, etc. The pump can deliver clear water containing no solid particles or other fluids with similar physical or chemical properties as clear water. The temperature of the fluids being delivered by D type pump should be smaller than 80℃.

D type multistage centrifugal pump has more outlets. It is a new generation of pump designed and manufactured on the basis of DL type pump and feedback from clients, strictly following JB/T2809-89 standards. We can add more water outlets to one pump to make it have more different performances respectively or simultaneously. When you start any one of its outlets, its performance will be same as that of a pump with one outlet and same number of impellers.


Technological Process

pump process