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CW Pumps for Abrasive Slurries Goulds Pumps Single -Stage, Enclosed-Impeller, Back Pull Out Process Pumps for Abrasive Slurries. The model CW/CWX horizontal pumps are designed to efficiently pump liquids with abrasive solids in suspension. With wear parts made of HC600 chrome iron, the CW/CWX pumps give long life and superior performance in all types of slurry applications. The model CWX with Shearpeller has air and solids - Single stage pumps Sulzer Our range of single-stage pumps can be designed either using the end suction overhang impeller design method, or the impeller between bearing design method. These pumps comply with either ISO 5199 / ISO 2858, ASME B73.1 or API 610 standards and guarantee reliable pumping processes. Sewage Pumps - Liberty Pumps Store Liberty's XLE50-series cast iron sewage pump is an explosion-proof pump for use in hazardous locations. It is Class 1, Division 1 Groups C & D and Class 1, Zone 1 and Group IIA and IIB certified. Providing a dual 2" or 3" d

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GSD Series Submersible Sewage Pumps Goulds Water Available as an automatic or manual, 115v, single phase pump with a 2” NPT and a cast iron recessed vortex impeller for durable performance. FEATURES Premium mechanical seal design provides superior protection against sand and abrasive damage (silicon carbide/silicon carbide) ST, STV Solids handling pumps with two-channel impeller Sewage Pump Design. The ST line is available in the following design variants: The Ruhrpumpen type ST with its variants is a horizontal centrifugal pump with non-clogging and non-stringing two-channel impeller in pot design for dry installation and universal use, suitable for pumping sewage Sewage Grinder Pumps - Sewage Pumps, Systems & Basins These general purpose 110 to 120V sewage grinder pumps shred large particles into small fragments so the waste can be pumped into a sewage system. They are compatible with most standard U.S. residential electrical wall outlets and have a Type A (two prongs, ungrounded)

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Zoeller Pump Company Sewage Pumps Sewage Pumps. Pumping more than effluent? These dependable pumps are built to transfer water with solids between 2” and 4” (50 mm 102 mm) in spherical diameter. Split Case Pumps PACO KP / KPV / KPVS. The PACO KP/KPV/KPVS split case pump is a single-stage, non-self-priming, between bearing, centrifugal volute pump. The axially split design allows easy removal of the top casing and access to the pump components (bearings, wear rings, impeller, and shaft seal) without disturbing the motor or pipe work. Zoeller Automatic and Manual Submersible Sewage Sump Pumps For industrial, commercial, or residential sump applications. Perfect for basements or bathrooms built below normal sewage waste pipe elevations. Keep your plumbing running properly by installing the best sewage and effluent sump pumps around! These submersible sewage waste pumps handle liquids and solid waste materials up to 2" and 3" diameters. Waste water pumps: non-clogging impellers and eff

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Sewage & Effluent Pumps - Water Pumps - The Home Depot The Everbilt sewage pump is designed to remove The Everbilt sewage pump is designed to remove sewage waste from residential sources. It is made of rugged cast iron and corrosive resistant thermoplastic components for long life. The pump fits in sewage pits with a minimum diameter of 18 in. More + Product Details Close KRT - Submersible Waste Water Pump Vertical, single-stage submersible motor pump in close-coupled design, various impeller types, for wet or dry installation, stationary and transportable version. Get the best of Water Online delivered straight to your Inbox! sign me up Hard Metal Abrasive Slurry Pump - Fluid Technology Hard Metal Abrasive Slurry Pump The Flowserve type M hard metal slurry pump is a horizontal, single-stage, end suction design with a tangential discharge nozzle. Fitted with a hard Anti Pre-rotation Vanes reduce suction pipe swirl and extend impeller life. AHLSTAR A process pump range Sulzer In each

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